Transbay Tube Emergency Generator

BART’s System Renewal Program Plan will replace and refurbish power infrastructure to sustain and improve service reliability. BART trains run entirely on electricity and the infrastructure that distributes electric power throughout the system is aging and in major need of restoration. This program funds the projects to replace and upgrade backup power supplies to create safe and reliable train operations, which requires an uninterrupted supply of power at BART facilities.

The plan also allowed BART to replace the aging emergency generator that is crucial to its Central Operations Control Center. The generator project provides traction power to maintain system operability for trains within the Transbay Tube in the event of an emergency, permitting egress from the facility by trains to the nearest station. This project ensures continuous power to train control equipment during power outages.

KKCS provided BART with a highly-experienced power generation engineer with international experience in utilities and transportation that analyzed and reviewed designs as well as prepared construction plans and specifications. Document reviews, cost estimating, constructability reviews, and field verifications were expedited to quickly install the emergency generator within the Transbay Tube.

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

San Francisco & Oakland, CA

Project Value
$6.0 million

Services Provided
Engineering Design
Constructability Reviews
Cost Estimating
Document Control