SANDAG - Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project

The Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project will extend Blue Line Trolley service from Old Town north to the University City community, serving major activity centers such as Mission Bay Park, the VA Medical Center, UC San Diego, and University Town Center. Once complete, workers are projected to have poured four million cubic feet of concrete, installed 27 million pounds of rebar, and laid 83 miles of railroad ties. The project includes the construction of nine stations with major construction work beginning in 2016 and a revenue service date expected in late 2021.

Prior to KKCS’ involvement, the project had an informal risk management process. KKCS formalized the risk process to align with FTA guidance and began bi-monthly Risk Register reviews and updates. KKCS aided the project by conducting a cost and schedule risk assessment and modeling in coordination with a parallel FTA-led risk assessment. The result of this effort was a FFGA with FTA. Subsequent risk assessment updates have been conducted to provide increased visibility into contingency viability and updates to the Risk and Contingency Management Plan (RCMP).

KKCS enhanced the project Risk Register by creating Interim Action and Risk Mitigations with both target completion dates and assigned project personnel. This allows risk-owners to hold team members accountable for implementing actions intended to mitigate or avoid risks prior to realization. Additionally, KKCS recommended a “best management practice” of incorporating contingency drawdowns at the time a risk is trended into the forecast, rather than waiting until it has been realized. In this manner, the contingency drawdown depictions provide improved visibility including lead-time in the event Board action may be required to address budget and/or funding issues.

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

San Diego, CA

Project Value
$2.1 billion

Services Provided
Program Management
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