MBTA GLX - Vehicle Maintenance Facility

The Green Line extension VMF (Vehicle Maintenance Facility) includes a 95,000 square foot maintenance building used to repair and maintain the existing fleet of Type 7 and 8 Green Line trolley vehicles, with the potential for future expansion to repair the proposed Type 10 trolley vehicle. The VMF is located on a twelve (12) acre parcel in Somerville, MA adjacent to the existing Boston Engine Terminal. The VMF is a steel structure supported on driven piles, and includes a 6,500 square foot auxiliary transportation building which will house the control center for the Green Line extension. The VMF includes four (4) electrified tracks through the building, a circumferential track for vehicle movement, and a nine (9) track storage yard capable of storing 80 vehicles.. The VMF design includes vehicle hoists, a bridge crane, and a wheel truing machine. Total construction time for the VMF is projected to be approximately 26 months.

Construction of the VMF required demolition of two buildings and removal and disposal of more than 40,000 tons of soil contaminated with PCBs and asbestos. The site preparation includes grading and drainage, placement of approximately 60,000 cubic yards of fill, road work, utilities, a mechanically stabilized earth circumferential retaining wall, lighting, installation of catenary, electrical service, track, switches and communications systems. The VMF building uses structural steel framing, with a driven pile foundation with grade beams and a concrete floor slab.

KKCS continues to provide FTA oversight on this very challenging project.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Boston, MA

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