Region X - Sound Transit

KKCS is responsible for providing Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) services, on behalf of the FTA, to monitor the activities of Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) in Region X. Sound Transit projects vary greatly in terms of size, scope, complexity, and delivery strategy. To meet the oversight responsibilities, KKCS tailors the level and frequency of monitoring as well as FTA reporting based on the qualities and attributes of each project, which change over time.

East Link Light Rail & High-Occupancy Vehicle Expansion Project

Sound Transit is the recipient of a $1.3 billion loan from the U.S. Department of Transportation to support the implementation of the $4.3 billion East Link Light Rail and High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Expansion Project (East Link). With design underway, the East Link project is planned as a 14-mile double-tracked extension of the Central Link Light Rail. The alignment configuration includes at-grade and elevated guideway, bridge structures, and new and retrofitted tunnels. Ten stations are planned, as are two pedestrian bridges, storage tracks, two parking garages, and 10 traction power substations. The project will be delivered through 10 major construction contracts including one overall systems contract. The project will be a mix of design-bid-build, design-build, CM/GC, and develop-test-design-install delivery. A major challenge is installation of the guideway on the second longest floating highway bridge in the world. The project involves complex design elements and multiple delivery strategies over an extended project duration.

KKCS is providing oversight of all project elements including technical capacity and capability, scope, cost, schedule, safety, and quality. After initial mobilization, KKCS observed some schedule challenges related to real estate acquisition along the alignment and provided recommendations to enhance Sound Transit’s ability to deliver property in a timely manner.

Lynnwood Link Extension

The Lynnwood Link Extension is 8.5 miles of at-grade and elevated light rail that will extend from the existing Northgate Station to the Lynnwood Transit Center and includes four new light rail stations and parking garages. The alignment generally follows Interstate 5, the major north-south freeway through the state, and will carry riders each weekday through some of the worst traffic congestion in Washington State. Currently in the final design phase, service is targeted to begin in 2023.

KKCS is the FTA’s PMOC responsible for oversight to ensure best management practices are in place to complete the project within budget and schedule commitments. Focus areas to date have been timely staffing of key management positions; development of the Project Management Plan and other management tools; scope management and control; the value engineering process; the constructability review process; design quality management; and cost control.

KKCS has extensive experience providing oversight on projects using Construction Manager At Risk-type (e.g. CM/GC) delivery. Based on this experience, KKCS provided recommendations for developing a common set of processes and procedures for application to Sound Transit’s CM/GC projects program-wide. Additionally, KKCS facilitated a workshop that was helpful for both Sound Transit and other stakeholders.

South 200th Link Extension

The $382.2 million South 200th Link Extension project consists of a 1.6-mile extension of light rail from the SeaTac Airport Station to South 200th Street. A passenger pickup/drop-off area, bus transfer zone, plaza, and a minimum 700–space park-and-ride facility will be located at Angle Lake Station. The Guideway/Station and Parking Garage/Plaza are being delivered under a design-build contract. Systems scope includes signals, track electrification, and SCADA communications.

After mobilization, initial KKCS oversight focus areas were reviewing policies and procedures; identifying updates to management plans to reflect current procurement/delivery methods; and reviewing technical capacity and capability related to quality assurance, quality control, safety, security, and project controls. Additionally, KKCS reviewed risk management processes and provided recommendations that were adopted program-wide by Sound Transit.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Seattle, WA

Program Value
$6.5 billion

Services Provided
Program/Project Management Oversight